Individual(s), if you are looking for one particular truck or piece of equipment we can help. The Individual Order Buying Program works well for the highly educated and well versed buyer whom desires a good deal but still gets what they want in a timely manner. By this point you have done all your due diligence, so therefore you know exactly what you want down to exact options. This is how it works… we find and purchase the unit, you pay the amount of the purchase order plus a finders fee. We work right along side you to ensure you are completely satisfied. What makes this program so nice is you aways know exactly what the purchase price is because all the cards are revealed from begining to the end. “Leave the buying grind to us!”

Corporations, This program is designed to service volume clients. We are out in the market everyday and we have your best intrest at heart. Its not, “just how much can we make on this one unit, and the get all I can method.” It’s about building mutually beneficial relationships. You specify your exact needs and we fill your order(s). This is called the Multiple Order Buying Program. We show you the purchase order(s), you pay that amount plus a finders fee. It’s that simple, “you do what you do and do it well and allow us to save you thousands.” At 674 SALES LLC, we truely work for you!